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Massages and Aromatherapy through Alternatives

We have several massage therapists under Alternatives in Northwood. Between them we carry out Therapeutic & Remedial,Swedish style,Deep Tissue,Holistic, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Masage and Sports Style Massage. Aromatherapy Massage is traditionaly a light massage but we can combine the use of the oils with deeper treatments if required for best results.

We treat Men and Women by appointment only. Our therapists are very professional and the majority of their clients are regulars. We do do gift vouchers as most of these treatments are ideal as a gift on special occasions or for someone you know who is just stressed out.However the ideal situation if you are somebody who likes or needs a regular massage is to find a therapist that is not only good at the job but that you can build a rapport with. Lets face it massage is quite intimate and everybody is different and a good massage therapist will get to know your particular requirements over a period of time.

The following are our basic prices but due to different styles of treatment they can vary depending on therapist.

One Hour Massage, All appts. from £45.00
One Hour Aromatherapy Massage, All appts. from £45
One and a Half Hour Massage, All appts. from £60.00
One and a Half Hour Aromatherapy Massage, All Appts. from £60.00

It is possible to combine treatments, i.e., massage with reflexology, etc., please just ask and we will advise how long is needed and the price.

Indian Head Massage £35.00

Sports Style Massage £45

Prices may change so please check when booking.

Home Visits

For massage and reflexology it is sometimes possible for a therapist to do a home visit but only if the client is incapacitated or there is a good reason they cannot get to us. There will be an additional charge to cover travel time and setting up.This option is not available just for convenience.

For appointments or more information please call 01923 828832

Bowen Technique

**** (not currently available )****

The Bowen Technique ( Bowen ) is a gentle bodywork technique designed to move blocked energy in the body. It involves the practitioner stretching the skin to the edge of muscles, tendons or ligaments at specific points on the body until all the slack has been taken up. Holding the stretch energises and draws the person`s awareness to the area and then the stretch is released over the belly of the muscle, tendon or ligament.

A Bowen `move` stimulates the muscle spindles and golgi tendons, which serve the purpose of informing the entire body of muscular and fascial tension down to the cellular level. The release of these tensions frees up energy in the body at both a micro and macro level, which encourages deep relaxation and healing.

Bowen may help with, Musculo-skeletal conditions, Migraines, Gynaecological conditions, Respiratory conditions, Kidney problems, Irritable Bowel, Hormonal imbalances, MS, Fibromyalgia, ME, Stress, Anxiety & Depression.

Bowen is safe for babies and children and may help with chronic conditions such as colic, eczema and hyperactivity.

For an appointment for Bowen at Alternatives please call 01923 828832

One Hour £45.00

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