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Sneha Adatia B.Ost.Med, DO, ND

Sneha qualified as an Osteopath from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine and also holds a diploma in Naturopathy which is often studied alongside Osteopathy. She is registered with the General Osteopathic Council.
She uses a vast diversity of Osteopathic techniques whilst incorporating soft tissue techniques, hydrotherapy, stretching, joint manipulation and exercise rehabilitation along with lifestyle and diet analysis.
Naturally, if there is no musculoskeletal problem, but a dietary one, or you are suffering from something like candida then Sneha will advise you Naturopathically with dietary advice.

As an Osteopath and Naturopath, Sneha believes it is important to treat the body as a whole, treating the symptoms as well as treating the root cause of pain and addressing long term lifestyle changes to aid the healing process. She believes in addressing each person as an individual and therefor uses a variety of techniques to suit the Patients individual needs.

Upon graduating, Sneha has regularly attended post graduate training and has previously worked alongside expectant mothers and recent mothers within a mum and baby communal centre. Alongside this, Sneha enjoys treating a wide diversity of conditions including musculo-skeletal pain, Sports Injuries, Arthritis, repetitive strain injuries, nerve impingement and headaches.

Nutritional and Dietary Advice

Heidi Bohrn NT dip CNM mBANT
Nutritional Therapist & IFM Functional Medicine Practitioner
Zest4life weight loss coach

Nutritional therapy
Nutritional therapy is an individual–centred approach to healthcare. As a nutritionist I use functional medicine to help seek and identify biochemical and physiological pathway that maybe under stress & support the underlying causes that could be affecting optimal health and maybe contributing to chronic illness.
We see many patients who are looking for additional support who suffer from:
Weight problems Female Health/ Hormone Imbalances
Digestive Concerns Allergies & Food Intolerances
Autoimmune Disorders

Musculoskeletal Problems
Cardiovascular Health

Blood Sugar Disorders
Chronic Fatigue Degenerative disorders
Skin Problems Fertility
Sports Nutrition

Much More
Heidi provides diagnostic testing; dietary advice & botanical supplement recommendations to help optimise cellular function which may assist in achieving overall enhanced health. As a nutritionist her aim is to help individuals achieve a state of homeostasis’s which in turn will lead to a position of wellbeing.

Heidi has been fully trained nutritional therapist at the Collage of Naturopathic Medicine and also has embarked in further education at the university of functional medicine and trained by the Institute of Functional Medicine. She has great clinical expertise in many areas of health and has written for ‘West Essex’ magazine, ‘In’ Magazine and been a guest on ‘BANG FM’ and ‘Hayes FM’.

Nutritional Therapy / Naturopathy,etc. #02

Weight Loss and Zest4Life

Heidi is a Zest4life weight loss coach . This is a powerful new and exciting health improvement and weight loss process designed to educate and motivate you to change and improve your body, your health and your overall well-being for good. The programme was designed by Pioneering nutritionist and best-selling author Patrick Holford . He has used many years of his nutritional experience and scientific understanding and has designed the low GL diet. It is a easy, structured, week by week step formula that has already achieved a staggering success rate including GMTV’s Lorraine Kelly show and is rolled out nationally by Nutritional therapists. Those following the programme report successful weight loss and maintenance, as well as significantly improved energy levels.
The programme is designed for individuals who would prefer individual attention and a personalised journey for their weight loss. Menu planning will be bespoke and we will cover more in detail a health and lifestyle questionnaire and together work out any barriers that could be slowing down your metabolism. The sessions are designed to really boast your metabolism and allow us to focus on your individual needs whilst motivating and educating you to long term weight loss success.
The programme will cover the following:
• A personalised health, diet & lifestyle assessment
• Individual assessment on barriers that could be slowing down your metabolism
• Introduction to the GL diet
• Weekly body composition inc body fat % and metabolic age
• In-depth health, diet & lifestyle assessment
• 4 x sessions. First week 1.5 hours then 3 x 1 hour sessions
• Regular newsletters, motivational emails and recipes
• Full colour comprehensive programme material & booklets
• Personal food diary recommendations
• Bespoke menu planning
• 1 to 1 coaching and problem solving

Nutritional Therapy / Naturopathy,etc. #03


Naturopathy is a system of healing that recognises the body`s inate power to heal itself by treating the whole person and not just their symptoms.

At your first appointment, usually up to hour, the Naturopath will enquire into the history of your physical and emotional wellbeing in order to discover the cause of any illness. They will then be able to prescribe the best form of treatment. They will be able to assist you in creating a healthier diet and lifestyle uniquely tailored for you. This may include nutritional advice and and advice on supplementation, detoxification diets, relaxation techniques and stress management.

Conditions treated include

  • headaches
  • migraines
  • digestive disorders
  • candida
  • food intolerances
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • menstrual and menopausal problems
  • fatigue
  • skin conditions
  • eczema
  • asthma
  • lowered immunity
  • stress related problems


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